CSS Content? Using tables within the content of your page is a major no-no, the whole intent and purpose of CSS is to control the style of your page elements, this is done using an external stylesheet.

An external Stylesheet?
External stylesheets give you the control of your whole website from one single file rather than trying to edit your whole websites CSS using global search and replace or by opening each page individually.

If you are new to this HTML malarkey then welcome, you have just embarked upon a new learning curve that does not take too long to master. Before the invention of CSS everything within a webpage used to be designed using tables.

Indeed there are still a lot of html editors out there that still use tables to format a pages content, one strong word of advice, get rid of that software and start again. Tables are not extinct within webpages but they should only be used for the purpose of presenting data.

Beginning CSS?
I am not going to use this article to give you a whole list of tags and how to apply them, that information would be too easily ignored.
There are thousands of well rounded websites available on the net today that can walk you through the first stages of CSS, the one I would recommend would be: W3Schools CSS intro this is a perfect place to start learning CSS, in the interests of parity and fairness I will also recommend What can be achieved using CSS.

CSS is not the hardest language to learn, manipulating your stylesheets to do display your website exactly the way you want it to is a learning curve you must take if you are going to achieve better and easier control over your designs.

I know you will be eager already to get on with learning CSS, so go right ahead, visit the first of those 2 links I have recommended and get started… tables are a redundant feature of the past and should only be used to present data no more.

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