Every website has only one dream, it want to be popular, want to look gorgeous and want to fulfill the purpose of either bringing business or imparting education and information. In this article Web designers London gives light on parameters that decides the looks and beauty of website. Let’s discuss in detail

White Space

A professional looking website should be uncluttered and clean looking. And this can be easily achieved if little care is taken at the initial level of designing. A designer should use white background and prefer it over graphic and colored background. White space has the ability to make a page professional; it also makes the fonts clear and readable. Just compare your reading experience with a page which uses a simple white background and the one which uses color and graphic background, you will find the difference. Black letters are user over white background and it is widely used by professional designers and developers.

For all those designers who are bound to use graphic design there need to superimpose white text area. It can be embedded over graphic area so follow the second step to get a legible text and a decorative graphic.

All Pages should be Similar

Some website owner prefers that there website should have different pages and that too in different background. This is fine to a certain personal blog. When it comes to a professional blog your every pages should be similar to the homepage. It gives relevancy and official look.

It is not bound about the use of different photograph or text style but theme should not change. Your user should feel attached to the site while browsing each pages of your website.

Easy Navigation

The key to sure shot success of a web design is easy navigation. A Web Developers London says that every website owners should be bond to give their users usability factor. Usability factors include easy navigation, readable font and color and nearness from the home page. I am sure about the first two points, so I am clearing the third one. Nearness from home means your websites’ every page should have a link to home so that user can jump to the home page whenever he/she wants. Secondly if you have an e-commerce website you need to have a cart linked to every page, so that whenever user plans to buy, he can easily cart.

Thirdly navigation should be your important consideration and every internal links of a website should be linked in proper way.

Here go very successful tips that you can follow links. A very useful tip for navigation set up a system of navigation for your website on top and other important links at the bottom. The common or most frequently links should be on both the places. This makes the work of users browsing the website, he can move to any of the links whenever he wants, whether he has scrolled to the top or he has scrolled to the down.

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